We all love music but unfortunately not many of us take the necessary precautions to protect our ears so we can continue to enjoy it and hearing in general. The dB levels at events vary continuously due to many variables such as venue size, layout, indoor vs. outdoor, the DJ , sound engineer etc... 

Too often people tell me they don't wear ear plugs because they "Lose out on hearing this or that." or "It doesn't fit right." etc...let me say a proper pair of ear plugs actually improves your ability to hear and fits comfortably.

For over 2 years I have been wearing custom fitted ear plugs by Westone (ES49) with -15dB filters and wouldn't go to a show without them. Custom fits cost around $200 and require a visit to a specialist to get molded but they provide the best protection and the most natural feel.

I realize custom fitted ear plugs aren't for everyone and normal ear plugs come from many brands in various makes and models. Personally, I recommend the Etymotic Research ER20 ear plugs. I've used them when I lost my custom pair and many of my friend's also enjoyed them for only $13!

If you're the more serious type and want to look into custom solutions, my friend Jaye works for ACS Custom. She has fitted staff at Output, Verboten, Cielo and more. Many of our friends that go out regularly have already been fitted by her if you wish for a 2nd or 3rd opinion, they all use -17dB filters. You can reach Jaye via call/text at 856-217-3239 or email at jaye@acscustom.com and mention my name for a discounted price. 

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Please do the research and protect yourself. If you have any questions please contact me via phone or email robbielumpkinpromotions@gmail.com.