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Richie Hawtin I Close Live - $60 Tickets

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Richie Hawtin challenges the distinction between DJing and live performance with an audio-visual show which takes you closer to his unique way of performing.
The show, CLOSE - Spontaneity & Synchronicity, explores the relationship between human creativity and the innovative technologies that enable the freedom of improvisation. 
Using intimately placed cameras this man versus machine relationship unfolds onscreen in real-time bringing the audience closer than before to Hawtin’s intuitive gestures.

"New York has been important to me since the early 1990s. From the early Storm raves, record shopping at Sonic Groove, and meeting new friends like Joey Beltram and Sven Väth at New Music Seminar, to years of great times at different clubs and venues from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I’m looking forward to presenting CLOSE at Avant Gardner, a show where I feel you get to see me at my best!" - Richie Hawtin